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March 09 2015

deal with, it's too late (both face-off in 38 lines). Free credit for any shoe, and you couldn't ignore. Shortcomings in the war, however, this is to say that the liberation of shoes there is no disadvantage.All shoes and several important requirements is the need to protect the foot soldiers, so their feet don't hurt, sick and overtired. But liberation shoes clearly does not have! Why is that? Because liberation shoes are rubber-soled, soft floor, airtight characteristics determine its weaknesses. 1.For foot   nike free run 5.0 running shoes protection ability since the liberation soft bottom shoes is adhesive, and the impact force of the foot and the ground is much stronger than the military boots. Because it is a rubber-soled flats and cloth uppers, free shoe for ankle and foot protection is poor, especially the former, if you often make crossing movements are broken foot. If, after the long walk, foot soldiers were relatively pain,

sometimes there will be lots of blisters. Laosa know many high school and College are now engaged in military training, should also have the young friends through the experience of liberation shoes during prolonged exercise, results not older Sado said. Under high intense exercise, if wearing heels of the liberation of flat-bottom shoes, damage to your feet is pretty light. Old SA like mountain climbing and climbed many mountains in China. First, no experience, climbing wears liberation shoes results nike free run 3 womens running shoes day foot pain and sore, seriously affecting the next day's walk. Later, at a friend's introduction, bought some relatively specialized hiking shoes, although strongly, climbing cost of energy some more, but for better protection, stepped down a day, nor did their feet hurt. If long distance marching in complex terrain, such as Stony Mountain, rubber-soled shoes and soft bottom

is easy to compare the sharp stone stabbed, leading to damage of injuries. For the soldiers, once you step on the foot injury, will not be able to continue the war for troops, it is not necessary for the downsizing military boots sole thick, some have a mezzanine and steel, has a strong advantage in this regard. 2.Not waterproof, airtight cloth uppers and rubber-soled shoes shoes are not waterproof led to liberation, when Beck, streams or rain shoes into the water, they are very uncomfortable, but not easy to clean up. Maybe some young friends find old SA overkill, in water no, which is vital for soldiers. In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump and his comrades Bob came to the Viet Nam war, the young lieutenant funny telling them just to know two things: first, don't do anything stupid, like stupid let themselves be killed, another thing is once you find stop set when

  no army, to ensure as far as possible to find dry socks. First thing would be more funny, second lieutenant was the voice of experience. The reason is simple, in the movie the battle of Barstow in band of brothers, many soldiers took possession of the famous trench foot. Mainly soldiers a few hours or a few days exposed to cold or humid environment causes. It is a very serious illness, minor muscles of the feet caused by nerve damage, causing foot numbness. Severe muscle necrosis is foot, amputation. Trench foot is a common disease, a disease caused by attrition   nike flyknit lunar 2 womens and sometimes more than a combat casualty. Soldiers try to ensure that your feet are dry, in addition to a dry sock other than, of course, also require shoes to be able to stay dry. Liberation shoes in permeability, can't do, and he still has a problem of poor ventilation. A lot of people to the best advice is to wear a

special liberation shoes easy to foot odor, is easy on the feet. The still free shoes with rubber soles are not ventilation, caused by poor permeability.PLA Island landing operations training. In fact, in this kind of environment, Jie Fang shoes are very incompetent. 3.Not durable, is easy to wear rubber-soled shoes on canvas the wear resistance of course cannot be compared with the shoes or boots. PLA soldiers train hard, free shoes with high strength training wear quickly, bad for two or three months for nike free run a pair of shoes is very common. Relatively easily can wear a decade of military boots, Liberation shoes so bad that a few notches. For the soldiers, in fierce fighting, as tactical moves more aggressively than usual, shoes are easier to wear than usual. Once the shoes are broken in combat, is a very big problem. In addition to the long era, are not aware of any soldier will bring a

 style of shoe on the body. In addition to fighting outside, as training shoes liberation shoes should be durable, after all, there are cost considerations. Liberation shoes liberation shoes however, is quite practical for civilian use, in addition to the army outside of large equipment, a long time after the founding of the liberation shoes become the main force of professional and amateur athletes with shoes. Many large game, Liberation shoes can be seen on the scene. Free shoes, good quality, has become an ordinary citizen's shoes liberation shoes wear light and cheap, by people like. Especially the town of laborers and farmers, statistics show, farmer wore liberation shoes 40%, liberation of urban manual workers wear shoes as high as 90%. Quality best liberate shoes at that time and, of course, is the people's Liberation Army's military-industrial plants. Because of the military factory
strict quality control, these liberation shoes much more durable than the civilian, common people can't buy, wanted to buy you have to ask, the back door.During the cultural revolution due to the people's Liberation Army into local affairs and military cadres filled with local authorities. A green military uniform, beautiful caps, holsters and emancipation of the new shoes are a symbol of identity, has also become a everyone aspired to fashionable attire. If anyone can put on a pair of military liberation   air jordan 6 retro uk shoes walking in the streets, like wearing a pair of Nike sneakers as most popular, can lead to a lot of people envious glances. After the reform, Jiefang Xie lots to civilian use. A pair of 10-dollar liberation shoes are still in heavy use in rural areas, many migrant laborers in cheap and practical free shoes. However, with new sneakers, sneakers for mass production and a

substantial price drop liberation shoes produced less and less. There are a number of free shoes exports to Viet Nam, Burma, Africa and other less developed third world countries. The practicality of liberation shoes is quite commendable. Using backward and, of course, Liberation shoes are not omnipotent, he is old technology under the condition of the product. Comparison of other military powers in the world at that time, it is clear that behind many. Early in World War II, all major air jordan 4 retro uk participating countries including Germany, the Americans, the Soviets even Japanese are a bunch of Kit leather shoes and boots. After the end of World War II, the US-led Western camp technology to greatly expand the army boots, maximum to overcome shortcomings. 50 US Army combat military boots are made of cowhide, not just weight, wear walking was difficult, and poorly

permeable, nor effective non-slip.After the start of the Vietnam war, the Americans in Viet Nam in jungle mountain water network, is this damn boots Stubblebine. American sector after a long period of research, the introduction of a new tropical combat boots. Use moisture-proof nylon and leather, and vent holes and to skid special soles, soles and even fitted with a thin steel plate to prevent injured by a complex terrain of Bush's feet. Tropical boots in the Viet Nam war reputation is quite good, by the American favorite. In addition to tropical combat boots, the US military also has a mature set of shoes and equipment. Like the famous desert boots, it uses a soft rubber bottom, upper is equipped with a new zipper and funny coating prevents sand from entering. The boots thermal sex and camouflage line are is strong, special for in desert combat, in Bay war during also big

explicit Kamui, American sophisticated of desert army boots except these yiwai, American common of equipment also has snow insulation army boots, they used new synthesis material, even in lingxia25dao60du also can guarantee soldiers feet? Kang ne dew caries  blue withdrawal aperture   shoots planted Yi  ┥ fine boom nuo fierce folding? There are American mountain climbing boots, lightning boots and so on. For the military whose forces have fully mechanized, motorized, apart from a few mountain troops, other than special forces, soldiers need to   air jordan 3 retro uk walk long distance marching almost impossible. For battles need to walk several kilometers to a dozen kilometers away, military boots are fully capable. For the Chinese army, perhaps before the 80 's, is far from being mechanized and motorized. Although the people's Liberation Army from 1955 began marshalling

motorized and mechanized units of the force, but most of the troops are still dominated by mules. So-called mules, are infantry marching feet, heavy weapons (heavy machine gun, artillery, etc) rely on the mules for transport. Before 1985, the PLA's Division of company and battalion cavalry and horse Gallery, a dedicated Horseman and army vet. Don't even have battalion commanders command vehicle, sometimes on horses. air jordan 1 retro uk Before 1985, the total operational theory is based on the so-called people's Liberation Army National Defense mobilized. But entered reform yilai, especially American relies on technology of advantage almost no loss of rout China of with menshi brothers Iraq (Iraq and China are is established has to Su type equipment and Su type theory of combat forces, Iraq national also has large China manufacturing of weapons, in Iraq war in the regardless of

Su type also is Chinese weapons are is vulnerable), these are to hold with traditional concept of China PLA huge of shock. During Vietnam war due to Viet Nam characteristics of topography and politics, the PLA is still fighting in the traditional way. Liberation shoes of PLA soldiers in Viet Nam high-speed interspersed with complex terrain, 19Days quickly defeated Viet Nam Northern garrison occupied Viet Nam northern provinces and captured the military town of lang son, annihilate Vietnamese regular army of more than 40,000 people, 3000 people taken prisoner, killed Vietnamese militia million. However, the PLA showed in actual problems, regardless of the equipment, tactics, logistics and so on, not only lag behind the West, and that after many years of Vietnamese troops also have some gaps. People's Liberation Army forces occupied a considerable advantage, nearly

not obvious. North Korea's situation is different, and North Korea's mountainous terrain and plateaus, plus the weather is cold and the roads were damaged, US Army mechanized unit is not easy to show power. In many cases US military attack and retreat requires walking long distances like a volunteer soldier, and even tanks are used as self-propelled artillery, remain in a certain area and opened fire.In this case, the volunteer soldiers ' Liberation shoes are much better than American military boots.   nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk Liberation of shoes is made of rubber and cloth, very light weight, far  nike free run 5.0 running shoes worse than dumb combat boots for long March. Combined with rubber soles are soft, toughness and elasticity of rubber soles are very strong. Its relative boots soles soles thinner, climbing grip the science is relatively strong. In the case of muddy, the liberation of shoe is apt to slip, and was also a relatively comfortable. Simply put, Liberation shoes are lightweight, can be fleet of foot

movement to wear, suitable for volunteer military operational characteristics. Heavy leather boots shoes can't do, especially long strenuous climb really, deeply American soldiers complaining about. Postwar American soldier had urged replacing the old army boots. The shoes between the two sides, leading to volunteer soldiers in the mountainous US troops marching ability to walking the same. In practice, once the Americans lack of mass transportation vehicles, marching on foot alone, nike mid blazer womens it is hard to escape pursuit of the volunteers. Volunteers after entering North Korea  nike free run 3 womens running shoes conducted five consecutive battles, relying on high speed flexible tactics and marching ability, all American and South Korean forces back to South Korean territory, captured the South Korean capital of Seoul. Even the us, appreciably less than American troops armed and

trained army in South Korea, not to mention. Then-Army Commander of the United Nations, United States four-star General Ridgway said the General South Korean troops often has a fear for Chinese army, sees these people as almost heaven. pedal rubber-soled shoes of CPV soldiers suddenly appeared in the South Korean army's positions on the always scared many South Korean soldiers didn't look back escape quickly ... ...Only a thought---they get farther from the Chinese army better------------American Korean war killed more than 30,000 people, all kinds of casualties amounted to more than 170,000 people, and was forced to sign an Armistice Agreement. Correcting the reason or US soldiers cannot adapt to the PLA's manipulative tactics early in the war, suffered a major loss, wait for the time to find a way to
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